On site, is a 6000 square foot climate controlled clubhouse which provides a private classroom and a comfortable lobby for you or your friends/family to relax over the course of the program.

The school owns and operates a fleet of diverse track vehicles which are geared towards safety and performance, and provide for an exciting learning platform. Our cars are aggressively setup for track performance and will ensure a fun, yet educative experience for all skill levels.

The Longhorn Racing Academy is a high performance driving school, dedicated to teaching car control and high speed driving techniques at Harris Hill Raceway, in San Marcos, TX. Our dedicated fleet of track vehicles, and friendly staff/instructors all provide for a safe, fun and educative day at the race track.

Our school is located at Harris Hill Raceway, in San Marcos TX which is 26 miles from Austin, Texas and 55 miles from San Antonio, TX. The track is a 1.82 mile road course featuring 11 challenging turns spread over a hundred and fifty feet of elevation change.

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